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Non UK Resident Travel Insurance


British Expat, long term travellers or living in the EU / Worldwide


More and more British citizens are spending longer overseas but still have the UK as a base. This actually throws up a number of issues when it comes to buying non-resident travel insurance policies. Many UK travel insurance policies will state that you have to be UK resident in order to take out there policies.

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What is being UK non-resident when it comes to travel insurance?

Unfortunately there is no clear answer to this. Many UK travel insurance providers will state that you have to have been living in the UK for 6 months before you travel. For a long term traveller or someone who spends extended periods away for the winter, this can be a problem.

Other insurance providers are less clear about what it means to be UK resident. Here are some of rules they apply to help you decide if you are resident.

- To be enrolled with a UK doctor
- To be a UK tax payer
- To not spend anymore than 180 days outside of the UK
- Be a British passport holder

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It can be a risk buying travel insurance that does not provide exact guidelines to claiming UK residency if you are unsure about your own status or confused by their requirements. You can always call the travel insurance provider so they can clarify what being UK resident is. You may wish to check out UK Gov advice for long term travel cover.

Living in the UK but not a British Citizen?

Technically you will be classed as a UK resident if you spend more than half a year in the UK. Therefore you should be able to buy travel insurance from a UK provider. However, this is not always cut and dry and you should always seek the advice actual insurance provider.

How easy is it to buy travel insurance if you are non resident?

The reality is that your options are going to be much more limited than a regular UK resident. Fortunately there are companies out there that cater for non-UK residents and for those travellers who have already left home and are without insurance. We have listed a number of possible travel insurance providers for non residents but please check the small print and ensure you are eligible. Also consider the general terms e.g. declaring medical conditions.

globelink non resident
Globelink Travel Insurance for Non UK and EU residents

- Travel Insurance for All EU Residents
- Career breaker? Globetrekker?
Globelink offer the budget solution for long stay journeys.
- Cancellation or Curtailment - up to £2,000 in total;
- Emergency Medical Expenses - up to £5,000,000 in total; Baggage - up to £1,000 in total

Online quotes from £16.00

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world nomads expat insurance

WorldNomads Insurance (up to 18 months and extendable)

- Travel insurance for independent travellers. Buy, extend & claim online, even after you’ve left home.
- Their multi-lingual assistance team can help you when you need it most, connecting you with medical treatment and transportationvx
- Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses
- Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
- Trip Cancellation or Interruption
- 24-Hour Assistance Services

Online quotes from £32.11

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travel insurance 100 days

Travel Supermarket in conjunction with VOYAGER TRAVEL

- MoneySuperMarket have teamed up with Voyager Insurance, an award winning global provider of travel insurance, to provide access to an extensive range of international and expatriate travel medical insurances. UK based service centre.
- They will cover Non UK residents, EEA residents, EU residents and even have policies for people from outside Europe.
- They also offer Travel Insurance for High Risk Countries & Regions Worldwide

Online quotes from £67.10

> Quote from TRAVEL SUPERMARKET / VOYAGER - Link not working? try this

The above UK Holiday insurance companies are all regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in London. You can purchase Holiday insurance for the over 30 days cover.

Other Travel Insurance Companies that will cover Non UK residents

Salt Insurance - Good for people that work overseas and live overseas for long periods of time. Please ensure you check their small print before buying. As a specialist insurance broker, they provide emergency medical and travel insurance specifically designed for Charity/Aid workers, missionaries, volunteers, church groups and individuals who are residents of the United Kingdom travelling overseas, whether on a Short or Long-term mission trip or just for your annual holiday.

IMG Globehopper Insurance - Not the cheapest insurance but good if you just want to cover your health, rather than the usual travel insurance terms e.g. baggage, missed departure etc

Brokersure - They cover non UK residents and those travellers who have already left their own country.

non uk residence

Here are some of the typical UK resident restrictions on travel insurance:

UK Resident - Our policies are only available to you if you are currently in, and are permanently resident of, the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man and you are also registered with a medical practitioner in one of these territories. Please note that any trip that has already begun when you purchase this insurance will not be covered.

For the purposes of our policies, a UK resident is defined as a person who has their main home in the United Kingdom, who is registered with a medical practitioner in the UK, and who has been resident in the UK for 6 months out of the last 12.

Our policies are designed to offer cover to United Kingdom residents, to qualify you must be a permanent resident within the UK and have been registered with a UK medical practitioner for at least 6 months.

We can also consider offering cover to temporary permanent residents on the understanding that they have been living in the UK and registered with a UK GP for at least six months, that their intention is to travel to and from their home in the UK, and where a visa is required for residency purposes, the visa in place at the time of policy purchase runs for a period that is the same length or longer than the period of insurance.

Travel insurance policy you must be a resident of the UK. This means you must have a permanent UK address and be living in the UK at the time the policy is issued.

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