The impact of Brexit on Travel Insurance for Britons

A couple of months have now passed since the historic UK vote to leave the European Union. There is still much to decide upon, indeed, will there ever be an official Brexit?

The impact of leaving is expected to have a massive impact on free movement in Europe, both to the UK and away from it.


Many older Britons love the Spanish and French sunshine and lifestyle, but what would be the impact of Brexit on their travel plans? Well in terms of visas etc then not much is likely to change. Many other non EU countries have visa free travel to Europe and it won’t be any different for the UK.

In terms of the EHIC card, this is not an EU thing and may well stay.

For travel insurance, nothing really changes. As the owner of Sunshine Insure says ‘You should always have travel cover and EHIC it is not a replacement for insurance.