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Looking for holiday insurance for your trip to Europe or beyond this year? Then check out the links below

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We also review travel insurance options for people of all ages up to 100 an beyond!

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Seniors Travel Insurance Holiday News

Over 70s face being ripped off with high premiums

Older people are being priced out of foreign holidays by high insurance charges and a refusal by some firms to offer cover.

The cost of a policy to cover illness can double when people hit 70, according to research by Which?

Those with potentially serious or unpredictable health conditions can be quoted more than £3,000 by insurers.

Full Story - Daily Mail Travel


Non Permanent Resident Insurance for British Passport Holders

Increasing number of Brits are living longer overseas and might not be technically resident in the UK anymore, this is particualrly true for long term travellers, expats.

We have made a travel insurance guide for UK non residents to help them find a solution.

Canary Islands expected to be busy this winter 2022

The Canary Islands are expected to be busy with sunseekers heading down from the colder parts of Europe to islands such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Even in January and February the sun is warming and dry days abundant.

More people taking longer trips abroad, particularly as we move into post covid world

The traditional two week holiday abroad will always be a popular choice, particularly for those with little holiday time from work and those travelling with a family, however it seems more and more people are going overseas for longer periods. Some refer to these new types of trip as 'mini retirements' where someone will take six months off work to travel around the world.

Of course you will need to take out travel insurance for 3 months or however long you are expecting to be away.
Check out out low excess travel insurance guide too

Brexit and the effects on the European Health Card

There is a looming threat that the United Kingdom might not be part of the European Union after the summer. This of course could herald massive changes in the country, but will also impact Britons travelling abroad too. Expats in places like Spain could also be affected.

In terms of people heading to the continent on package holidays and short breaks, there souldn't be too much impact. Reason being is that even if the EHIC card becomes no longer available to UK residents, you will still have your own travel insurance cover to back you up, if you ended up needing medical attention.

So the situation will be the same, even if the UK stays within the European Union, you will always need travel or holiday insurance for ANY European country. See our latest Brexit Travel Insurance options.

Travel Insurance by duration

Not all holidays or travel trips abroad are 1 or 2 weeks long. Many people are taking mini career breaks or retired people taking longer stays in far away places..

holiday insurance over 90s

Travel insurance is just as important for longer stays such as 30 or 60 or even 90 days.

Don't leave home without it!

Travel Insurance Pitfalls

So it's essential these days to have a good coverage of travel insurance but there are a number of pitfalls which should be considered.

Check out our guide how to avoid travel cover pitfalls and why you should take out travel insurance.

Spain ever popular with UK pensioners

travel insurance over 90 days

Older Britons love affair for Spain and all she has to offer shows no sign of ever diminishing. While there are cheap flights and warm weather than we are always going to look to the Iberian Penisular for some sun, sea and sangria.

Of course for many older Brits Spain is a great destination to winter in as average high temperatures on the Med even in Jan can reach a balmy 20 degrees. Things are also quieter then and it's a great time to head for some holiday bargains!

Many assume that if they travel to Spain with a European Health Insurance Card then in terms of medical they are covered. This is certainly not the case and never has been. EHICs are only for basic emergency cover and anything serious is likely not to be covered. Some hospitals in Spain will even turn away foreigners without travel insurance although technically this is against EU law.

Of course it's not just medical reasons why you need Travel Insurance when you visit Spain. You will also need to have your possessions covered for loss or theft as well as trip cancellations too.

SImilarly are you thinking of heading to New Zealand and Australia then you will need downunder travel insurance.

New Destinations

uk travel insurance for one year

There are a number of destinations that are set to be the stars of this year. These are previously untouched destinations that are on the cusp of becoming mainstream destinations so our advice is to get there quick before the crowds do!

Such destinations include Nicuragua which has been a poor relation to neighbouring Costa Rica but is about to step out of the limelight in a big way. This is partly due to increasing airlines flying to the country and some mega resorts that are slowly cropping up along the Pacific Coast.

The best time to visit the country is from December to April as this is the dry season.

Another up and coming country with a famous neighbour is Burma which is set next to it's powerhouse tourism neighhbour of Thailand. Indeed many are calling Burma the new Thailand and it certainly has the feel of an old version of Siam. Again the tourist infrastructure is being implemented and things are moving fast so better to get in there fast before the hordes descend from over the border.

What's new on Holiday Insurance for Seniors

Welcome to holiday insurance for seniors, the website that is dedicated to the senior citizen looking for competitive holiday insurance!

Latest new content includes a section just for the Over 88 age group and for 70 year old

77 plus and looking for insurance?

Cover for the over 78s?

Travel insurance for aged 79

Better deal for the elderly .

Latest Holiday Insurance News from around the UK and beyond


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Top Senior Holiday Insurance Tips from the Experts

Find out wherever native guests from at intervals the country keep. the most cost effective "tourist hotel" I may realize once in a very resort city in Mexico was £135. I asked a neighborhood man of affairs wherever to seek out an inexpensive area, and got one for $10. There wasn't a natatorium, however the area was clean. i used to be there to travel, to not lounge, therefore this suited Maine fine.

Negotiating area charges is common in several countries. In Banos, Ecuador, we tend to negotiated our rate down from $12 to $6 per night, by paying for many nights prior to. The trick here is to make certain that there area unit different choices, then create your final provide and walk off. Most house owners can decision you back and lower the worth.

Consider hostels, if you do not mind sharing an area. they are much a lot of common overseas. this protects you lots if you're single, as a result of you acquire the bed. I once spent four days in a very hostel for £4 per day, breakfast enclosed. I shared an area with many others, and a television room with travelers from sixteen countries.

Hotels within the U.S. area unit less seemingly to barter, however we've got done it. Most little chain motels don't seem to be company-owned, however franchises, therefore it's sometimes the owner behind the counter. Paying for many nights prior to, or simply commencing to walk off, has resulted in discounts for North American nation again and again.

Travel is usually solely as low-cost as your plane tickets. For international travel, search the fares to many countries that you simply would love to go to. attend {the low-costest|the most cost effective|the most affordable} one currently - the others are cheap yet again, and a savings of $500 should purchase a number of additional days, or an additional mini-vacation another time.

Anywhere you go, there area unit stuff you will do to stay it cheaper. Eat wherever locals eat, for instance, rather than at traveller restaurants. See the free and low-cost attractions 1st. you would possibly have such a lot fun that you will ne'er get around to doing the high-priced things. Higher costs mean higher quality with travel baggage, however not essentially with travel experiences.

Other Holiday Insurance Tips

E-mail vital documents to yourself. These ought to embrace a duplicate of your passport, other IDs, phone numbers of the uk diplomatic building offices wherever you will be, and your itinerary or e-tickets for any flights. during this manner, albeit you're robbed and lose everything, you'll need access to any or all the vital documents from any web restaurant within the world.

On a trolley car, I once had a pocket unzipped and also the case removed while not feeling a issue. several pickpockets area unit specialists. luckily, it had been a "decoy" case, with nothing however a number of items of paper, and a pretend mastercard. different ways that to guard cash, cards and documents embrace golf shot a bill or 2 below the inner sole of trainers, safety-pinning a hidden pocket within your pants, and concealing profit many completely different places.

I see young travelers in different countries walking anyplace they want it at the hours of darkness, and so being appalled that they're robbed. are not there places in ny or Chicago wherever you would not walk at night? raise the locals wherever it's safe and wherever it is not, and trust your intuition once it warns you. Leave high-priced covering and jewellery at the edifice once you area unit simply out for a walk. Safety tricks area unit the foremost vital travel tips.

Top tips for selecting the right holiday insurance

Don't be interrupted by eruptions; make sure your travel insurance policy will protect you.

Diving, jet skiing and bungee jumping are often excluded from policies unless a specific request is made, so even travellers who only think they might take part in such activities should have them included in a quote.

Any pre-existing medical conditions should be declared and cover confirmed in writing by the insurer.

Different insurers have different definitions of what a medical condition is, so read the key facts and make sure any conditions are covered.

All travel insurance companies expect policyholders to act sensibly . insurers won't pay out if the claim is due to being excessively drunk or has anything to do with non-prescribed medication.

Make sure you know where you are going as different companies have different definitions of "Europe" or "Worldwide". Egypt could be either.

If you are a backpacker then check out backpacker travel insurance australia from the website ibackpack as they offer a range of different options for all.

australia travel insurance for over 65s

After the 'Barbeque summer' that never was and the incessant weeks of snow and ice, getting away from it all is a priority for 2010, with 64% of potential holidaymakers looking to take a holiday abroad this year.

However, a quarter of adults planning a holiday (25%) admitted they will be spending less than in previous years, according to research by Aviva.  More worryingly, almost a third (31%) confessed that they would either not be taking out any holiday insurance or were undecided about purchasing it.

Of those 'thrifty travellers' that are planning to spend less on their main holiday this year many agreed they are planning to be 'cash careful' by:

Setting a limit on the amount of spending money they have each day of their travel for insurance over85s

Not treating themselves to any new holiday clothes (45%)

Going self catering (41%)

Cutting back on eating out whilst on holiday (40%)

Looking for a 'late deal' cheaper holiday (31%)

Holiday Insurance for Seniors News

How to keep travel insurance costs down

Travel insurance is notoriously expensive and only seems to be getting more expensive year on year, particularly as you get older. Why is travel insurance do expensive? Medical costs around the world are on the increase and only getting worse! Your average bill from an American hospital can literally bankrupt even middle class people! Shop … Continue reading “How to keep travel insurance costs down”

Is Morocco in Europe for travel insurance?

Morocco is a hugely popular mid haul travel destination for Brits. It’s usually only a four to five hour flight across Spain to Morocco. The country itself has an abundant amount of things to do. Will my European Travel Insurance cover Morocco? This question is often asked and there is really no straight answer because … Continue reading “Is Morocco in Europe for travel insurance?”

Gap Year Insurance for Grown Ups?

Taking a gap year was often only done by people who were between school and university. We then saw more graduates taking a gapyear before starting work. Then more people who had been working for a few years starting taking gap years, even people in their 30s. In this day and age the gap year … Continue reading “Gap Year Insurance for Grown Ups?”

Latest Travel News from around the World

ITALIAN TOURISM INDUSTRY NEEDS RESTRUCTURING In 2000, Italy was worth 5.8% of the world’s tourist expenditure. Today, the country is at 3%. In the next ten years, if strategies do not change, it will drop to 2.1% of the global tourist GDP, placed 182nd out… TRUMP SET TO INTRODUCE MORE TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS U.S. President, Donald … Continue reading “Latest Travel News from around the World”

Latest Brexit Travel News

Brexit is still very much in the news and everyone’s thoughts as we end 2017. In terms of travel and holidays there is still a lot of uncertainty. If the UK falls out of the EU completely then maybe the EHIC card will cease to exist or Brits. Are Brits going to lose any travel … Continue reading “Latest Brexit Travel News”

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