New Zealand and Australia for the Over 75s

There is much more to a holiday than two weeks in the Algarve or Costa Del Sol, which seem to be the two most common destinations for the over 75 age group from the UK.


We are going to provide an alternative for the slighty more adventurous older traveller, because we believe that just because you are entering the twilight of your days, doesn’t mean to say that you should just end up in Spain or Eastbourne!

New Zealand and Australia

Ok, these are two destinations, and very much different of course, but they are so far away that we thought we’d add them as a pair.

What we are saying is that it would be a shame to spend 24 hours on a flight and miss out on one of these two.

Both offer the familiarity of home, with the English language and fish and chips available, but what they also offer is a summer when it’s our winter, and some of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth.

New Zealand is often said to be like Britain was 30 years ago, and makes it a big appeal to the baby boomer generation.


As usual, it’s very important to have holiday insurance cover if you go to either of these.